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Movel AI

Movel AI 的軟體結合了感測器融合、視覺融合、機器學習以及人工智慧,讓機器人達到擬人般的精確行動。
-總部在新加坡的Movel AI,是家機器人導航軟體新創公司,已成功在種子輪募資SGD1,500,000,其投資者為500 Startups、Silicon Solution Ventures (SSV)、SEEDS Capital以及Avi-Tech Electronics Limited。
-Movel AI曾在XTC Singapore Demo Day 2021榮獲前十大新創公司的殊榮。


- 自主移動機器人導航系統:
- 先進的車隊管理解決方案:
使用 Seirios FMS 通過機器人完全自動化您的環境。 相關功能像是:多台機器人管理、任務委派和 車道創建。
- 機器人簡易操作介面:

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Jamie WU
Language: Chinese
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技術支援工程師 Technical Support Engineers


我們是新加坡的新創公司Movel AI (,目前想要徵召技術支援工程師(遠端)!歡迎大家一起進入機器人的世界🤖️

We’re looking for enthusiastic technical support engineers to liaise and engage with our clients from all over the world. From Europe to Asia, our clients assemble robots for different industries - manufacturing, logistics, and production in many different countries.

Job Description

📌Taking ownership of customer issues reported and seeing problems through to resolution對內部報告的客戶問題,並通過解決問題看到問題

📌Researching, diagnosing, troubleshooting, and identifying solutions to resolve system issues研究、診斷、故障排除和解決系統問題

📌Following standard procedures for proper escalation of unresolved issues to the appropriate internal teams遵循標準程序,將未解決的問題適當地上報給內部團隊

📌Setting up and tuning robots (transformations, odometry, sensors, footprint, navigation plugins, nodes, and more)設置和調整機器人(轉換、里程計、感測器、足跡、導航插件、節點等)

You will be a good fit if you:

✅Good programming skills in C++, Python, Linux, ROS and Docker良好的 C++、Python、Linux、ROS 和 Docker 編程技能

✅Have fundamentals in robotic software and understand basic electrical concepts具備機器人軟體基礎並了解基本電機概念 

✅Are willing to travel願意出差

✅ Like communicating and helping clients to achieve their needs喜歡溝通和幫助客戶實現他們的需求

✅Love challenges and finding solutions to engineering problems熱愛挑戰並尋找工程問題的解決方案

❤️💛💚  福利 ❤️💛💚






對此職位有興趣者,📨請寄履歷至[email protected]

Work Type
Pay by Month - USD $1,029 ~ 1,715
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Working Remote Job
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1 ~ 3 person
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