Job Information
Sunrise Phoenix Hi-Tech LLC

Supporting machines maintenance 

Recruitment Staff
David Lee
Language: English
Job Information
助理 Assistant


A. Hiring of qualified job applicants for open positions

B. Job description and arrangement, communicate between internal employee and


C. Translate English document/form to Spanish


A. Fluent English and Spanish ; Mandarin: Basic

B. Knowledge of Microsoft Office

C. Have owned mobile phone and computer

D. Working hours: 3-10 hours per week

E. Base wage: $25 per hour

F. Working location: Remote


A. 協助人力招募

B. 工作內容指派,內外部員工與客戶間工作協調

C. 進行內部文件與表格的製作(含英文/西班牙文)


A. 語言能力:聽說:英文-流利;西班牙語-流利;中文-略懂

B. 語言能力:書寫:英文-精通;西班牙語-精通

C. 文書能力:Microsoft Office 軟體文書編輯

D. 設備:自備行動電話與電腦

E. 工作時薪 :$25

F. 工作時數: 每週3-10 小時不等

G. 工作地點: 不拘

Work Type
Pay by Hour - USD $25 ~ 25 /hr
Preferred Job Type
Either On-Site or Remote
Expected Admission Quota
1 ~ 3 person
Estimated working hours per week
10 Hours per Week
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