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OneCommons Co.

OneCommons is an early-stage startup dedicated to building a free and open cloud. Our open source DevOps platform simplifies cloud-native development and makes integrating open source software as easy and reliable as using proprietary cloud services. We believe that just as open source has come to be the dominant software that powers the Internet, open cloud services will come to dominate the cloud for fundamentally the same reasons.

Recruitment Staff
Adam Souzis
Language: English
Job Information
Front-end Developer
Frontend Development
Frontend Engineering

We are in search of a passionate Front-end Developer to help us build out our open source deployment platform. This role is a unique opportunity for a stellar leader to help create a category-defining product from the ground up. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in Vue.js, GraphQL, and share our love for open source and startup life. We are looking for an experienced leader who understands the problem space, and can put him or herself in the shoes of the user.

You will be working closely with the technical founder and a small team of developers, designers, writers, and marketers to bring our vision to life. Short-term contracts and contract-to-hire. Remote, overseas OK. Full time preferred but would consider part-time if the candidate is the right fit. 


  • Help develop our DevOps web application, including integration with Gitlab.

  • Translating wireframes into working code

  • Unit tests written in Jest

  • Update static content


  • Vue.js

  • GraphQL

  • Typescript and/or advanced Javascript

  • CSS

  • Jest

  • Comfortable with agile development processes: sprints, code reviews, test driven development and continuous integration

  • Experience with major cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure) desired

  • Experience with DevOps tools and processes desired

  • Strong communication skills

Type: Contract, potentially Contract-to-Hire

Hours/duration: Full-time preferred, part-time possible

Start date: ASAP

Work Type
Pay by Month - USD $4,000 ~ 6,000
Preferred Job Type
Working Remote Job
Expected Admission Quota
1 ~ 3 person
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