Job Information
OneCommons Co.

OneCommons is an early-stage startup dedicated to building a free and open cloud. Our open source DevOps platform simplifies cloud-native development and makes integrating open source software as easy and reliable as using proprietary cloud services. We believe that just as open source has come to be the dominant software that powers the Internet, open cloud services will come to dominate the cloud for fundamentally the same reasons.

Recruitment Staff
Adam Souzis
Language: English
Job Information
Technical Writer
Technical Writing

We’re looking for an experienced tech writer to work closely with the technical founder and a small team of developers to document the ins and outs of a new, complex platform and tool. Experience working with open source projects is a big plus.



  • Comfortable learning and using complex command line tools and editing YAML configuration files.

  • Proficient with Sphinx documentation generator

  • Experience writing technical documentation for developer or DevOps tools, 

Work Type
Pay by Month - USD $4,000 ~ 6,000
Preferred Job Type
Working Remote Job
Expected Admission Quota
1 ~ 3 person
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