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Launch Platform LLC

Launch Platform is a company for building and launching variants of innovative software products 

Recruitment Staff
Fang-Pen Lin
Language: English
Job Information
Web Designer + Front-end developer
Web Design
Web Development

Launch Platform is a startup based in Silicon Valley, United States, for building and launching variants of innovative software products. We are looking for a contractor to help us build our product landing pages and other websites. Currently, we have products such as

- a messenger-like app for sending yourself messages as notes
- a text-based accounting software system built on top of Beancount and Git

There are more products to come soon.

This would be a 100% remote contracting job, case by case. However, since we have many websites to build in the long run, ideally, if everything works out great, we hope to establish a longer-term contracting relationship with you.

Communicating in English is preferred, but Chinese is also okay. There's no limitation of the country your live, as long as it's legal to take this contracting job from the US. The company is on the west coast of the United States, Pacific Time Zone timezone. We anticipate most of the communication to be done in an async manner, so strong remote communication skill is required.

We prefer to work with cross-domain talents to reduce communication overhead. We also believe a cross-domain talent can deliver the best result since you understand different domains. Therefore, for this contracting job, you need to be able to design a website from the ground up, including graphical design, take basic UI/UX into consideration and also code clean HTML and CSS.


  • Strong remote-based communication skills in English (preferred) or Chinese
  • Skills for designing websites from the ground up
  • Graphical design skills for website media assets
  • Ability to convert your website and graphic design into HTML, CSS, and corresponding media assets
  • Ability to design and build a responsive website that supports variant device screen sizes
  • Experience with Figma or other similar design tools
  • Experience with CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap
  • Basic JavaScript coding skills for building static website pages
  • Experience with UI / UX, or at least willing to learn
  • Experience with Git and GitHub and code review process, or at least willing to learn

To apply

Please send us a short cover letter about yourself and why you think you fit this job with your portfolio and resume. The email address is [email protected]

Work Type
Pay by Hour - USD $15 ~ 50 /hr
Preferred Job Type
Working Remote Job
Expected Admission Quota
1 ~ 3 person
Estimated working hours per week
5 Hours per Week
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